Welcome to Serenity Community Care and Behavioral Health Services!

At Serenity Community Care and Behavioral Health Services, providing options for real-world solutions is not just a tagline, it is the premise on which we do business.


If you need professional assistance to restore you to your best possible mental/behavioral health functioning...  CALL US! 


Our team of professionals is skilled at teaching goal-oriented interventions in a variety of outpatient settings.  We will help you reduce your behavioral health impairments and help you restore your independence.


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Our Services

Serenity Community Care and Behavioral Health Services offers a wide range Rehabilitative Mental Health Services, including Psychoeducational Groups, Psychotherapy (Individual and Group)Basic Skills Training, Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Peer-to-Peer Training, and Day Treatment. 


In addition, several new projects are designed to address the needs of specific segments of our community including individuals recently released from incarceration, as well as individuals identfying as LGBT.  Check back soon for our newly redesigned website!